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Investors & Funders

The Nomou Programme has attracted funding and support from several reputed investors by delivering consistent and effective solutions to committed entrepreneurs in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Oman.

The Nomou Funds for start-up and growth enterprises are open to development and impact orientated investors from the public and private sector such as development finance institutions, international financial institutions as well as private investors.

Currently, the Nomou Programme counts such reputed organisations among its investors such as the DFIDNorfundKfWDGGFAnthos Capital and Lundin Foundation.

In 2019, the Nomou Programme sustained 12,490 direct and indirect jobs to ultimately support 62,450 livelihoods through investing a total of USD 78m in 115 SMEs. Read the full Nomou impact report

Nomou Impact Report 2019

GroFin Model

Positive impact, jobs and enduring social and
economic value

Invest risk finance, skills and knowledge
into viable SMEs

Create funds that provide risk capital and
business support to grow successful businesses

Develop local capacity to create a
sustainable SGB impact delivery model

The Nomou Programme is built on GroFin’s unique Viability Model and enables us to successfully partner with, and provide medium-term risk capital and support to entrepreneurs and businesses in the SME sector.

This model represents a unique approach to providing small and growing businesses with access to markets, risk capital, skills, and capacity building; and is appropriate for the emerging markets in sub-Saharan Africa and MENA where many such entrepreneurs and business owners find themselves in the ‘missing middle’ – Small and growing businesses that are considered too large for micro-finance, too small for traditional private equity and too risky for traditional security-based lenders.

Nomou Country Funds

Impact Reports

Nomou Impact Report 2018

The Nomou Programme continues to deliver strong impact and so far, it has sustained 7,832 direct jobs through investing a total of USD 78m in 115 SMEs. The Programme has provided assistance to 1,199 entrepreneurs and created 2,163 new jobs. It has also sustained a total of 12,490 direct and indirect jobs to ultimately support 62,450 livelihoods across the value chain. The economic value it added to the region during 2019 is estimated at USD 198m.

Local Partners

The Nomou programme develops partnerships with credible local trade groups, government ministries, development agencies, and large organisations with extensive supply chains and other local SME stakeholders. These partnerships help the programme to achieve its mission by providing best in class services focused on supplying access to finance and market linkages to start-ups as well as growing SMEs. And by increasing the capacity of entrepreneurs and their businesses, the programme is developing supply chains and helping to create much-needed employment.

Moreover, the in-country network of business associations, accountants, SME consultants and SME focused banks, further the programme’s efforts to provide comprehensive business support services to SMEs and help to generate a steady flow of qualified entrepreneurs seeking our integrated support solution.

Nomou-MENA Local Partners

Supporting Syrian Refugees


For Syrian refugees who fled to Jordan to relocate since war broke out in their country in 2011, formal employment is the first and foremost means of ensuring a decent livelihood and eventual economic integration. This has placed a huge strain on economic infrastructure, service delivery and employment avenues alike.

Nomou Jordan Fund provides a unique combination of access to finance, business development skills and market linkages to Syrian entrepreneurs in Jordan, as well as Jordanian SMEs that employ and support the livelihoods of Syrian refugees.

“With GroFin’s finance and support, we have been able to touch the lives of many more children, especially from the refugee population. This makes a world of difference to such children, who otherwise face bleak educational prospects.”

GroFin Jordan Client - Al Menber

“My job allows me to support my family financially, take care of myself and to pay for my daughter’s pre-school education. I hope to one day continue my own education and obtain a degree in pharmacy.”

Employed at GroFin Jordan client - Abo Arab Haider Sweets
Nomou-MENA jobs maintained by refugees and migrants


Jobs maintained by refugees and migrants at directly financed enterprises

Nomou-MENA refugees and migrants livelihoods supported


Refugees and migrants livelihoods supported directly

Nomou-MENA financed enterprises owned by refugees and migrants


Directly financed enterprises owned by refugees and migrants