GroFin Jordan and Jordan Africa Business Association

GroFin Jordan promotes Business linkages opportunities for Jordanian SMEs

GroFin Jordan held a breakfast event in association with Jordan Africa Business Association on July 16, 2018 to promote the services offered by GroFin to Jordanian SMEs. The event was held at the Four Seasons Hotel-Amman; with total attendance exceeding 50 business owners and general managers of SMEs operating in the manufacturing industry.

The event focused on the financial and business support solutions offered by GroFin through its fund in Jordan (Nomou Jordan for Investments). The unique business model offered by GroFin caters to the needs of Jordanian entrepreneurs by understanding their core business issues and providing practical financial and business support services to help them grow.

The event also focused on business linkages offered by GroFin’s large network of over 8,000 businesses financed and supported by the GroFin offices in Africa and MENA regions. GroFin Jordan Investment Executive, Mrs. Alfinaz Murad, presented the advantages of GroFin services over those of commercial banks, mainly the service of Islamic working capital financing, which is the only one of its kind offered in Jordan. Mrs. Murad also gave an insight for the audience on the criteria that makes them eligible to apply for GroFin services in Jordan, as well as the advantages of business support offered during the pre-finance phase.

On the other hand, the Chairman of Jordan Africa Business Association, Mrs. Reem Badran, highlighted the objectives of the association, indicating the importance of opening new markets for Jordanian SMEs in the African continent since the African nation provide big opportunity for Jordanian manufacturers to gain new grounds for their products. Mrs. Badran also highlighted the importance of the collaboration between JABA and GroFin Managers in serving the SME community in Jordan by allowing Jordanian SMEs to contact GroFin offices in Africa to investigate business linkages opportunity; where GroFin can sustain a promising deal flow and at the same time achieve pre-finance business support mandate.

At the end of the event GroFin Managers and JABA signed an MOU to officially kick off the collaboration and build an infrastructure for SMEs to explore new opportunities in Africa.