The Nomou Programme helps SMEs in Jordan, Iraq, Oman and Egypt succeed by providing them with SME loans and business support to grow their businesses.

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About the Nomou Programme

The Nomou Programme supports SMEs and entrepreneurs in Jordan, Iraq, Oman and Egypt

Supporting Entrepreneurs

The Nomou Programme is managed by GroFin – a specialist impact-driven financier – and helps entrepreneurs and SMEs in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Oman succeed by providing them expert advice, continuous guidance, and financing to grow their businesses.

How we support our Middle East SMEs and entrepreneurs

How we do it

The Nomou team develop a long-term personal relationship with each entrepreneur, creating a suitable deal structure repayment period and providing continuous business support based on the particular needs of the business.

Nomou aims to promote the growth of a sustainable small and growing business sector that acts as the major employer and contributor to economic growth and social development in the MENA region.

The GroFin Approach

The Nomou Programme employs the GroFin’s business model based on GroFin’s commitment to provide its clients with support beyond finance. A deep understanding of the factors that drive SME success is central to this model, as is the steadfast belief that SME success leads to impact success.

Since its inception in 2004, GroFin has invested in 761 SMEs and sustained nearly 84,500 jobs. GroFin offers financing and support to SGBs in 14 countries in Africa and the Middle East and focuses on small businesses operating in education, healthcare, agri-processing, manufacturing and key services (water, energy and sanitation) sectors.

SME investments in Jordan, Iraq, Oman and Egypt


Entrepreneurs supported across Middle East and North Africa


SME business loans approved
US$ 360m

Business Loans

Our People

GroFin’s workforce of 121 employees offers more than 824 years of combined experience in finance and the specialised support of growing businesses. With our headquarters in Mauritius and investment offices across 15 locations in Africa and the Middle East, GroFin offers both centralised expertise and on-the-ground support to SMEs in the countries of our operation.

The Nomou Programme Team

Ashraf Esmael

Ashraf Esmael

Chief Investment Officer (Middle East)
Alfinaz Murad

Alfinaz Murad

Investment Executive (Jordan)
Raed Adnan

Raed Adnan

Investment Executive (Iraq)
Sami Al Hassan

Sami Al Hassan

Investment Executive (Oman)
Karim El Marashly

Karim El Marashly

Regional Credit Administration Manager - MENA (Egypt)