Nomou Programme business loans and business support for SMEs and entrepreneurs in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Oman

Business loans and support for SMEs in the Middle East

Who we finance

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The Nomou Programme operates in MENA where GroFin has an office:
Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Oman.

Your business is in one of our preferred sectors: EducationHealthcareAgri-Processing, Manufacturing, or Key Services (Energy/ Waste / Water / Recycling). Other sectors can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Your business is making a positive social and economic impact: e.g. creating jobs, empowering women, benefiting the environment, etc.

Selection Criteria

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You require medium-term loan capital: US$ 100k and US$ 1.5m (equivalent in local currency) for a loan duration of 3-8 years.

You have an established business: operating for 2-3 years and has an annual turnover of 1.5 times the loan amount. We do consider startups on a case-by-case basis.

We expect entrepreneurs to (partly) secure the loan if collateral is available. Personal guarantees of the entrepreneur(s) are required.

How to apply

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Click on ‘I’m Interested’ to complete an online assessment.

If you reside in Northern Iraq, please visit the Northern Iraq Investment (NII) website

Why choose the Nomou Programme

GroFin SME investments

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GroFin entrepreneurs supported

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Business loans approved
US$ 77.8m

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(Figures as at 31 December 2019)

GroFin SME investments

About the Nomou Programme

The Nomou Programme is managed by GroFin and provides access to business loans in the form of medium-term risk capital and value-adding business support (expert advice and continuous guidance) to grow SMEs and support entrepreneurs in Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Oman.

The programme delivers best in class services for dedicated entrepreneurs of start-up or existing SMEs. Each local office is staffed with Investment Managers and Investment Executives who provide front line support to entrepreneurs. Through these services, Nomou is increasing the capacity of the grossly under-served SME sector in MENA, thus developing supply chains and helping to create much-needed employment.

What Nomou-MENA entrepreneurs say

“GroFin became our partner when banks refused our loan applications. We were short of experience, but we found all the support we needed in GroFin. They were there to help us with everything from planning to marketing and sales.”

“GroFin’s financial and business support resulted in extending our geographical coverage, increasing our number of products from 12 to 25, hiring new employees, and growing sales by over 15% annually”

Successful Nomou-MENA Clients

Transforming SMEs, Touching Lives

A showcase of successful GroFin clients in Jordan. From healthcare to manufacturing sectors, listen to what GroFin Jordan clients are saying about their journey and experience with GroFin.

Al Jabery Industrial Company

Founded in 1970 by Mohamed’s father, Al Jabery Industrial Company has been producing gas water heaters, over four decades and has become a household name associated with water heaters in Iraq.